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Our Invention Patents


A process for preparing an anti-mosquito lotion which can be used for reusing used mat.

PATENT NO. 7/MAS/89 DATED 4.1.89

Anti-mosquito powder. A form of talcum powder to ward off mosquito bites.

PATENT NO. 275/MAS/90 DATED 12.4.90

Heart to Heart scheme through cheque payment. Beneficial to group of works 500 or more such as bus drivers, conductors, cleaners, auto drivers, doctors, nurses,  postmen and offers, telephone employees, electricity workers, naval personal-army and air force, watch repairers, shop owners and gold smith workers, jewellery shop owners, cloth merchants and employees-hotel owners, fishermen, bank employees, advocate clerks, press reporters, film actress and film studio employees . Such scheme introduced for the benefit of above group of people is patented. Lump sum payment by way of Cheque has to be made by the member group. They are eligible for weekly lottery and lump sum after the age of 50 years. Unfortunately the above scheme’s inventor is blocked by the press. Not only this other inventions which so far none has invented world over. As if the masses where to know these unique schemes they will take the inventor to the top. He will reverberate into the pulse of each and every individual for ever.  Please force the media to bring this before the public even Indian president and human right are keeping quite and without helping to bring these inventions.

PATENT NO. 304/MAS/90 DATED 23.4.1990

Ashwaghandha ayurvedic milk chocolate bar to give vitality for nervous strength and sexual vigor through lehya from is available and is bitter in taste.

PATENT NO. 343/MAS/90 DATED 4.5.90

A method of preparing ayurvedic liniment for all kinds of joint pain including roumatic.

PATENT NO. 780/MAS/90 DATED 4.10.90

A method of making an ornament setting if figureless pictures of lord thirupathy venkatachalapathy.

PATENT NO. 120/MAS/91 DATED 13.2.91

A method of preparing wrist watches ornamental settings with gems.

PATENT NO. 121/MAS/91 DATED 13.2.91

A method of preparing ayurvedic paste for tongue application for children in readymade form without traditional hand grinding.

PATENT NO. 139/MAS/91 DATED 20.2.91

A method of preparing divine perfumes with a divine name veenice in lieu vinayaka on application one can achieve ones desire without any obstacles as vinayaka is supposed to ward off any obstacles. The fragrance will induce respect to the applier.

PATENT NO. 137/MAS/91 DATED 20.2.91

A new method of preparing bill checklist for the purpose of avoiding cheating by customers inconvenience with suppliers to prevent malpractice in the hotels.

PATENT NO. 227/MAS/91 DATED 20.3.91

A new method for preparing sunergetic composition in liquid from comprising nutmeg oleoresin and sandalwood oil. Drops of Infants and grown up children to prevent minor ailments.

PATENT NO. 391/MAS/91 DATED 20.5.91

M.S.P Brand quality guarantees confident card for sandal wood oil I.P. as well as perfume-guaranteeing quality confident card for consumers.

PATENT NO. 463/MAS/91 DATED 18.6.91

Gandhi Marg Scheme which is a scheme meant to provide finance to girls. The scheme is to provide for financial assistance at the time of their marriage for the members exclusively for girls as sage guard to girls and to avoid burden to their parents. The members will be provided with badges carrying Gandhiji’s bust. No one will warm them even at the dead of night as the committee will take action on any one be settled at their level comprising retired lady judges, police officers, army officers. Local court of law which will be monitored by the above committee. The government has to make available delivery of Gandhi Marg post cards free of cost. This will give employment to the members for making house hold articles and connected food preparations weaving and so many other employments. They will have inducement to wear khadi. By introducing this Gandhiji’s wishes will be fulfilled. The committee will be formed in all centers.

PATENT NO. 615/MAS/91 DATED 14.8.91

“Chandanaksh Divine Perfume”- a method of preparing perfume for divine devotes. This will induce temple atmosphere.

PATENT NO. 637/MAS/91 DATED 23.8.91

“Madhavas Prestige”- Picture depicting the origin of Udupi Sree Krishna Temple.

PATENT NO. 680/MAS/91 DATED 10.9.91

“Guru-Vayu-Krishna Darshan”- Picture showing the origin of the Guruvaayur Temple.

PATENT NO. 712/MAS/91 DATED 20.9.91

“Blinders Light” – Soul Stirring picture of late Rajeev Gandhi so far this picture has not found favor with Sonia Gandhi- through Rajeev Gandhi foundation  of  this. The picture will instigate any one to donate their eyes on seeing this picture.

PATENT NO. 714/MAS/91 DATED 23.8.91

Forming of Navagraha Idols for “Navagraha Pooja”-performance at home.

PATENT NO. 797/MAS/91 DATED 22.10.91

“Green Flag Siren” - Any four wheelers could act as ambulance at the time of acute emerging for saving lives of human beings.

PATENT NO. 761/MAS/91 DATED 10.10.91

“M.S.P Brand Kasturi (Musk) Oil Perfume” - Guarantee Card.

PATENT NO. 796/MAS/91 DATED 23.10.91

“Watchman’s Delusion”- Story of a horror Bilm creating terror for watchmen night duty workers.

PATENT NO. 875/MAS/91 DATED 26.11.91

“Cheque Future”- Lottery payment by Cheque payment through door to door sales girls to house wives. Tickets with approved government seals affixing respective government’s seals to avoid spurious tickets.

PATENT NO. 909/MAS/91 DATED 17.12.91

“Doctors Medical Aidbox at Home”- To give First Aid during emergency for various common ailments – Medicine will be labeled in picture form both on the packet as well as in the shelf.

PATENT NO. 885/MAS/91 DATED 3.12.91

“Invention of tailsman which keeps away evil spirits of witchcrafts on human beings from the point of view of protection”

PATENT NO. 939/MAS/91 DATED 27.12.91

“Telephone Cate” – to ward off contagious disease by producing paper pads for both ear and mouth piece.

PATENT NO. 100/MAS/92 DATED 20.2.1992

“Makkal Kaneer” – a label showing MGR seeing the poor suffering to the poor masses at Tamil Nadu at the time of Jayalalitha’s regime- no action taken by her so far.

PATENT NO. 204/MAS/92 DATED 1.4.92

“Train Escort For Prevention of Train Accidents”- this will give advance signal to the train drivers regarding defect in the tracts to prevent the accidents.

PATENT NO. 226/MAS/92 DATED 16.4.92

A method of carving out figures of Lord Krishna and Jesus Christ- Krishna with herds of cow and Jesus with herds of lamb, out of wood or any other form.

PATENT NO. 252/MAS/92 DATED 28.4.92

A method of preparing compositions for preparing coconut, cake, sweets, biscuits, chocolates and like from coconut residues a matured coconut residue.

PATENT NO. 296/MAS/92 DATED 18.5.92

A method of depicting a photograph of Sonia Gandhi Standing along with her children before the funereal of her husband along with a caption and named as GIFT FROM TAMIL SOIL.

PATENT NO. 277/MAS/92 DATED 12.5.92

A scheme of providing lodging and boarding facilities for merchant community during business tours by providing business towers in the form of all states.

PATENT NO. 339/MAS/92 DATED 4.6.92

A process for preparing ayurvedic soope for increasing sexual vitality and vigor.

PATENT NO. 386/MAS/92 DATED 24.6.92

A method of ascertaining the genuineness of gold and ascertaining whether the gold is of standard quality or of low quality.

PATENT NO. 338/MAS/92 DATED 4.6.92

An art of imbibing self discipline in the youth through the study of Buddhism (principle of Buddha) through Boudhic treasures of China.

PATENT NO. 346/MAS/92 DATED 2.6.92

A process for preparing on Ayurvedic medicinal betalnut chips socked in ayurvedic medicine for sexual enjoyment and for more duration.

PATENT NO. 420/MAS/92 DATED 14.7.92

A method of making available in India gems from Ceylon.

PATENT NO. 421/MAS/92 DATED 14.7.92

A method in the form of scheme of protecting cattle and the same time prevention of slaughter of cows.

PATENT NO. 624/MAS/92 DATED 8.10.92

A method of manufacturing real foreign Scotch whisky in India with the help of foreign liquor company chemist abroad. To supply to our defence and merchant shops and also supply of concentrate of scotch import substitution.

PATENT NO. 655/MAS/92 DATED 30.12.92

A process for preparing and separating oil from Sandal Wood –By Distillation.

PATENT NO. 655/MAS/92 DATED 30.12.92

A method of preparing an ayurvedic powder (Chooran) composition for cutting stomach disorders of all kind of a must for home.

PATENT NO. 34/MAS/93 DATED 21.1.93

A method of preparing and marketing hair oil for Alopecia (Falling of Hair) sinusitis and for giving coolness to eyes and for improving memory. To promote hair on bald heads –on application of 10 drops and vigorously rubbing on scalp hair buds will start growing within 10 days to 3 months maximum hair will grow according to ones health. –for diabetic patients and people consuming alcohol regularly use the growth will be slow.

PATENT NO. 95/MAS/93 DATED 9.2.93

A method of supplying pure coral from Italy through an institution by name Sonia Gandhi coral house to make available genuine coral from coraly island Italy. Mars planet is considered to be adverse affect can be minimized which has not been favored by Sonia Gandhi. If she had accepted this Hindu women would have been made available for no profit basis. This would have perpetuated her name by generation. This was blocked by vested interest fearing that this inventor and his invention being blocked in India will come up. Even Rajeev Gandhi’s paintings which are unique in nature have also been suppressed.

PATENT NO. 114/MAS/93 DATED 15.2.93

A method of providing foreign tourists with video photographer cum guide with vehicle operating the video can be played after their return-and bring back old memories. This will induce others to visit our country. This will also provide employment opportunity to guide videographer and tourist vehicle.

PATENT NO. 680/MAS/93 DATED 13.4.93

A method of getting genuine tea dust and leaf by consumers and certified by tea board. This method wills available genuine tea at reasonable cost.

PATENT NO. 729/MAS/93 DATED 12.10.93

An invention of the scientific reason with proof behind the occurrence of Earth quacks which has found out by this inventor regarding lattur and flood in Orissia due to deep pressure.

PATENT NO. 837/MAS/93 DATED 23.12.93

A method……………. Of the driver.

PATENT NO. 127/MAS/94 DATED 25.2.94

A method of issuing pamphlet containing real stories connected with Jasmine Perfume along with Jasmine Perfume (absolute real or scientifically – Jasmine perfume was perfected in natural tone scientifically with natural essential oils blend otherwise tons of jasmine would have been required) this will bring memory to the great king Meghnath of Madhurai who was rupling at that time he was going with his two daughters in a chariot saw a plant lying across his path. In order to protect the lying plant, he left his chariot over which to allow the plant do not get damaged by others. He left with his two daughters as well as horses by walking even this was also blocked by the other perfume manufacturers though all the perfumes of the inventor is patronized by the state. Govt. Emporiums only jasmine is blocked fearing that his jasmine will be famous.

PATENT NO. 442/MAS/94 DATED 27.5.1994

A method of preparing Lord Guruvaayurappan’s pathukam. With silver after performing Padura Pooja to serve the devotees at home. The devotee will have feeling of deep devotion, he will have a feeling that he is doing Pooja at the Lord’s feet at Guruvaayur. This will generate crores and crores of rupees to the temple. This too is blocked fearing that his other inventions will also come to the notice of  the public.

PATENT NO. 479/MAS/94 DATED 6.6.94

A method of preparing on apparatus which is in the form of grilled compartments for taking baths in the sea. Sea water is god for skin. But I dangerous. The above method will safe guard the people taking bath in sea. This too is blocked.

PATENT NO. 285/MAS/94 DATED 12.4.94

An invention of blending unique indigenous traditional medicines in base of sandal wood oil- for control of disease and giving energy to the body- no body will say that one is diabetic.

PATENT NO. 504/MAS/94 DATED 14.6.94

A method of preparing and marketing traditional indigenous medicine for preventing heart attack prepared in the base of five oils Castor, Sandal Wood, Neem Seeds, Onion and ginger oils. This will stop heart attack at early age and by-pass surgery can be avoided. Now we have developed micro powder form. Even in cases where the doctors have given up, this reduces cholesterol level also.


A method of preparing ayurvedic anti-virus medicine comprising Neem Seed oil , Sandalwood, Indigo Extract and Triphala as to entrities, cholera, vomiting dysentery in the surrounding houses. This has to be taken in advance as a preventive a portion of profit will go to the widows of the defence service which also has been suppressed.

PATENT NO. 295/MAS/95 DATED 13.3.95

A process for preparing a novel ordinary wood which will give a fragrance of sandalwood tarpinol and salala oil for the purpose or used on pure respecting to the sole through pure sandal wood oil. At the time of funereal to be poured onoridnary firewood. The entire surrounding will be chared with the smell of sandal wood.

PATENT NO. 702/MAS/95 DATED 12.6.95

A method of preparing germicidal anti-viral liquid washing soap with perfumes for use in hotels and at home.

PATENT NO. 075/MAS/96 DATED 17.1.96

A method of manufacturing picture of Devi Sri Mookambika of luminous signal colours.


To root out Asthma completely first time in the world only base oils Neem seed oiland sandalwood oil is given to patent authority-other ingredients if divulged will loose the monopoly, case pending before Kerala high court. People are suffering due to suppression of the inventor.

PATENT NO. 075/MAS/99 DATED 29.1.99

A process of blending sandalwood oil, cedar wood oil, champhore of eucalyptus oil with herbal extracts preventing and curing repeated sneezing and chronic headache and sinusitis.

PATENT NO. 162/MAS/99 DATED 9.2.99

Blending natural anti-septic herbal oil, cholmorga oil, liquid paraffin for after shaving skin oil and also eliminates all kind of skin disorders.

PATENT NO. 319/MAS/99 DATED 19.3.99

A process for blending sandalwood oil, resinaide labdanam, resinaide occmos oil, pacholi oil, oil lavender, civet, kumarin christalls, oil clove peticgreen oil, musk ambertee, vetivery oil, amber and cedar wood for natural essential oiled Kasturi musk perfume.

PATENT NO. 691/MAS/96 DATED 25.4.96

A method for making sandalwood oil tablets or capsules to be dissolved in water for the final pouring ready to use dispensing with drops.

PATENT NO. 421/MAS/96 DATED 18.3.96

A method of making available fresh fish from sea shore in refrigerated van giving signal in housing colonies and marketing free from bacteria-direct from freezing from plants at shore.

PATENT NO. 2521/MAS/98 DATED 9.11.98

The formation of a panel of eminent astrologers to forecast of accurate prediction subject to overall.

PATENT NO. 248/MAS/99 DATED 1.3.99

Ajwain oil therapy extract for curing nine ailments at home.

PATENT NO. 399/MAS/99 DATED 9.4.99

A process for producing red corpuscles in blood through herbal formulation as well as blood purification and dissolving stone in the bladder.

PATENT NO. 507/MAS/99 DATED 7.5.99

A method of depicting Gandhiji's Soul combining with Lord Rama and Showering of flowers by gods from heaven.


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Patent for Anti-mosquito Lotion

Patent for Anti-mosquito Powder

Patent for Ayurvedic powder composition for curing stomach disorders

Patent for preparing a synergistic composition in liquid form comprising nutmeg oleoresin and sandal wood oil

Patent for preparing an ayurvedic paste for child care.

Patent for preparing ayurvedic chips in layer form having sexual cohabitation of long duration

















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